Mahol Sahelian Aur Pahaar Sa Kaam


Category: GTIN: 978-627-511-026-2


Climate Change and STEM Publications
ITA in collaboration with Maria Riaz who is an illustration artist turned author, educator and the CEO of WHY Books, has published series of 3 books on climate change and challenges called Climate Justice League ماحول سہیلیاں. These books are written and illustrated by Maria Riaz along with the support of Rumana Hussain , Afia Salam, Arifa Nazle, Fozia Parveen and Farah Shah.
The series chronicle the lives of 3 girls aged 10-16 years and their transition into the saviors of climate to find solutions. Each picture book caters to different climate threats.
سبز باغ provides solutions to minimize air pollution, پہاڑ سا کام inculcates methods to deal with land pollution and نَیا پار captures the coastline of Pakistan along the Arabian Sea from Mubarak Village to Gwadar .Water pollution deemed as the toughest antagonist threatens the existence of sea turtles, coral bleaching and endangered Mangrove ecosystem are woven in the story.
These books not only spread awareness but also provide a motivation to action inspiring children/adolescents to act wisely and minimize the effect of human induced climate change.


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